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User Interface Design

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs

Vinfotech uses a design led approach to engineering highly usable web and mobile solutions. We believe that great products, be it web based solutions or mobile apps, must be intuitive and beautiful. That for us, is great user interface design. You must read on if you agree :)

SaaS Based Magento Plugin by Vinfotech
iPad Application for Restaurants
An Affiliate Commerce Web App
Responsive App Design by Vinfotech
Cloud based File Management System
Web and Mobile App for Retail Business
Restaurant Discount Platform by Vinfotech
Content Sharing Site by Vinfotech
An Online Appointment Booking System

Vinfotech follows the philosophy of creating solutions that are delightfully alluring and intuitive to use. We also add a touch of playfulness to graphical user interface design. We lay exceptional emphasis on making your web 2.0 design and iPhone app design look and work like a million dollars.

Our strength lies in combining extraordinary user interface design skills with expert engineering to develop complex solutions that are attractive and easy to use. We apply the latest, most usable design trends and technologies in startup UI design, web 2.0 design, enterprise application redesign and iPhone application design to make that happen.

Our design services for web and mobile include

Design and function are complimentary. Our user interface designers and HTML developers work hand in hand with our engineers and developers to create stunning and fluid responsive web design and mobile app designs that make for great user experience.

We have experts design user interface by applying the best capabilities of Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Responsive Web Design, CSS, Javascript/ jQuery, XSLT, XML, HTML5 and CSS3 for producing beautiful startup UI designs and large enterprise application redesign.

Optimised and compatible user interface designs

And just to put those nagging question out of your mind, we love making our websites compatible across various browsers, make them W3C compatible, use beautiful icons where needed, have an eye for selecting the right colour and fonts, and an intuitive sense of what is good user interface design. There's also this great marriage of design and engineering for creating usable, intelligent and great looking user interface design products. We are really not boasting. Do have a look at some of our best design user interface or write to us so we can show it to you over a call.