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Most dynamic and evolved technology infrastructure cornerstone of your successful fantasy sports business.

The best fantasy sports platform delivering set of features you won’t find in any other fantasy sports software.

When it comes to delivering fantasy sports solutions Vinfotech does not want to be amongst the top 10 or top 5 developers globally. We want to be unquestioned and clear #1 and want to help our customers run wildly successful fantasy sports business. As a first step towards that we’ve developed a fantasy sports software after investing over 25,000 hours into the development of the platform. This is the reason why the solution we deliver are special and are going to get better. vFantasy - Our fantasy sports software was built from scratch as a cloud platform with focus on 3 pillars –

  • - cutting-edge performance
  • - high security
  • - massive scalability
Lineup creation

Users can create their own teams by picking players from the available set of players as per the fixtures of the contest.

daily fantasy sports software with easy lineup creation by Vinfotech

Leaderboard tells the users about their performance in the gameplay as compared to the other users.

fantasy sports website development with leaderboard by Vinfotech
Detailed player cards

The basic details about the player like his performance stats and his user preference in a line-up is stated here.

season-long fantasy sports software with player details by Vinfotech
Featured games

Games that offer special worth to your users and are part of your marketing strategy come here (with unique banners and names).

daily fantasy sports software with featured games by Vinfotech

Users on your platform select the contest here using the filters and fixtures. This is the 1st page of gameplay and hence kept simple, comprehensive and appealing.

daily fantasy football software with comprehensive lobby by Vinfotech
My Games

List all the contests which have been joined by the users categorized into Live Contest, Upcoming Contest and Completed Contest.

season long fantasy sports software with all contest listed by Vinfotech
Multiple sports

The user here gets an option to choose between multiple sports. (The choice can be made before the login and can be changed within the specific sport even after the user has logged into the game.)

daily fantasy baseball software supporting multiple sports by Vinfotech
Multiple games

This section would exhibit the collection of multiple games that the users can participate or has participated belonging to the same league/contest.

daily fantasy sports software with multiple sports by Vinfotech
Real time stats

The platform supports keywords that would make it appear in the popular listings of the search engines like Google and Bing.

fantasy sports website design with real time data by Vinfotech
In game substitution

Through live substitution, the user can substitute the players in his team while the contest is live.

Admin Panel

The advanced admin panel would allow the owner of the site to create games, manage finance, view reports etc.


The web application supports multiple currencies with virtual money (coin system) for free plays.

fantasy sports website design & app development with multiple currency by Vinfotech
Wallet Management

Users have a virtual wallet where they can manage their money through deposit, withdrawals and see their transactions in the game.

fantasy sports website development with wallet management by Vinfotech
Payment gateways

The platform is supported by multiple payment gateways like Paypal, PayUMoney and other standard ones.

fantasy sports web design with multiple payment gateways by Vinfotech

This allows the user to view the activity and performance of the other users. This is only possible when one a user follows the others.

fantasy web design with newsfeed by Vinfotech

The users have options to chat during the live gameplay.

fantasy web design with chat by Vinfotech
Friends/follow Model

Users can follow other users and have a look at the activities done by them.

fantasy web design with friendship model by Vinfotech
Private groups

With this feature, the users can create and contest over private groups by sending invitations to other users.

fantasy sports software development private group by Vinfotech
Share the contest

The users can share the updates of their contests on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

fantasy sports software development share & invite by Vinfotech
Achievement badge

Users will receive an achievement badge for outstanding performance in the joined contests.

daily fantasy sports software with achievement badge by Vinfotech
Referral bonus

Users can refer their friends to join the site and would win referral bonus once the referred users have done investment as required in the gameplay.

daily fantasy sports software with referral bonus by Vinfotech
Bonus cash

Users can get bonus cash from various sources like winning cash in the contest as a prize, referring a friend, creating private contest etc.

daily fantasy sports software with bonus cash by Vinfotech
Free to play

The website has free contests created by the admin which has no entry fee. They may win prizes as bonus cash or real money.

daily fantasy sports software with free to play games by Vinfotech
Bankroll builder

This allows users to play within the system for free and get the chance to earn some prize. This is on weekly basis so that users can be engaged on the site.

fantasy football software with bankroll builder by Vinfotech
Help text

Help Text guides the users about the website and how it works. The coach marks drive users on their first go.

fantasy football software with help text by Vinfotech

The platforms are device-friendly and have easy to use interface on all devices like mobile, iPad etc.

responsive fantasy sports website development by Vinfotech
Native apps

Our platform can also be operated as iOS and Android apps.

fantasy sports iPhone app development native by Vinfotech
Customer Relationship Module

In a nutshell, CRM lets you store and manage user’s information, like contact details, played contest reports, user's activity tracker and deposits & withdrawals info and promotional opportunities, in one central location.

fantasy sports software development with dynamic CRM by Vinfotech
Custom prize structures

The prize distribution structure can be defined and set to auto, where the prizes can be distributed randomly and can be customized as per the admin’s choices. Also, the range of distributing the prizes can be defined in it.

fantasy sports native android app development by Vinfotech
Free games / Paid games

In the admin panel, the owner of the website can create both free and paid contests and can define the entry fees for different contests.

fantasy sports mobile app development free & paid games by Vinfotech
Rake Rate / Owner's commission

Website rake rate is the percentage of commission which the owner of the website will receive whenever a player joins the website.

fantasy sports software development white label or custom by Vinfotech
Multi lingual

The platform can support multiple languages and cater to an even larger user base.

multilingual-fantasy-sports-software-development by Vinfotech
SEO friendly

The platform supports keywords that would make it appear in the popular listings of the search engines like Google and Bing.

seo friendly-fantasy-sports-website-development by Vinfotech

At Vinfotech we know that magic happens and we can help you to build a customized, intuitive, robust and scalable fantasy sports solutions for web and native mobile applications.

fully customizable fantasy sports software development by Vinfotech

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