Vinfotech specializes in engineering for enterprise medical imaging solutions

By going over the internet, healthcare system is experiencing speedy transformation for better care management, decision making and patient engagement. If you visit our home page of Healthcare IT Solutions, Vinfotech identifies itself as a company extremely passionate about building online medical imaging solutions with sophisticated use of technology. Majority of arguments in any clinic or a hospital comes from lack of proper communication and now days, a lot of patient diagnosis is backed up by symptomatic imaging tests like CT, MRI or X-Rays. Effective ways of image storing and quick sharing are in great demand for cross-departmental management of radiology files and cost reduction.

Although, we started by taking small steps in building PACS-DICOM projects, we have grown over time by building various types of social, mobile and cloud featured imaging applications. By working on such applications, we have learned about different protocols, information exchange, and image quality, compliances and imaging tools. Looking at medical imaging from global perspective, today we are pleased to apply many technologies that can benefit healthcare organizations, physicians and patients in newer ways.

One of our various offerings can certainly organize any medical imaging workflow, may it be for a physician or inside radiology departments within hospitals.

    • PACS-RIS systems (product engineering) on web, mobile and desktop
    • Integration of PACS-DICOM in healthcare products like EMR, EHR, PHR and medical social network application
    • Websites offering online imaging services
    • UI Customization of your existing DICOM viewer
    • DICOM compliance testing for healthcare applications

Medical Imaging Solutions


Often it's true that "it pays to shop around" and Vinfotech working on beautiful products for last decade would not be a bad choice. Your main goal is our main goal i.e. "In healthcare, patient is the key". Contact us with your specific requirements for medical imaging solutions and software.

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