Vinfotech launches QA Services for Startups

Vinfotech is proud to announce the launch of its new offering QA Services for Startups. It's not a secret that Vinfotech loves working with startups and can relate to their aim, passion and enthusiasm better than most. Startups chose us as we are committed to their success and take our time to work with them individually to offer the most effective and user-friendly solution.

Having worked with scores of startups and by having a no-compromise attitude towards the quality of a product, we have been able to sharpen our quality processes significantly over the years. We realized that it would be a good idea to be able to get associated with more startups and offer our QA services to them even when are not doing the development. Startups would be able to benefit from the vast amount of knowledge that we've gathered working with multiple startups at various stages (From Planning till Launch). Our aim with this is to help startups achieve world-class quality, with a much improved chance of success.

Quality Assurance Services for Startups

Well Funded startups perform QA activities to maintain their goodwill and increase their market share. However, a lot of startups have to strive to survive the competition as well as attract and retain customer base from scratch. Ignoring QA & Testing activities and considering them a cost burden could prove to be very risky for startups. The whole idea behind this new unique service is to provide cost effective yet world class QA service.

Vinfotech will work with you and your development team and help achieve proper quality standards through diligent research, testing & an objective analysis.

At the end of our QA process we will award all the startups who've passed our quality tests successfully with Vinfotech Seal of Excellence; a set of world-class rules and guidelines which our QA team has mandated and implemented; guidelines and protocols against which we test all products and applications, and allow our team to provide accurate, unbiased and efficient suggestions and inputs to any development team to help improve the overall quality of the application. A Vinfotech Seal of Excellence represents that your Startup is now ready for launch.

We will conduct all tests, check all aspects provide contingency plans and solutions to ensure that your product is upto the standards we have set for our self. Our main goal is to make your startup business successful. Please go through the FAQ that we've put up to know more details about this offering.

So if you've a startup or are planning one and would like Vinfotech to be your Quality Assurance Partner, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

About Vinfotech

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