Bmbleb: Vinfotech designed website and SaaS based Magento plugin launched is a product of, a startup with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and can be found in Georgia Techʼs ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center).

Vinfotech designed the fully integrated SaaS based Magento plug-in - bmbleb to make it more intuitive and easy to use. We also created a beautiful brand website for bmbleb.

Socketware is a collective intelligence platform that leverages the power of big data cooperatives. Bmbleb, their first product, finds, stores, organizes and makes accessible huge volumes of data like customer data augmentation, alerts, collective intelligence, auto data sync, deep Ecommerce integration, analytics etc. which it delivers to Magento e-commerce users subscribing to their services. They in turn leverage this large data to create more sales opportunities for their businesses. Bmbleb was launched at the Magento Imagine eCommerce Worldwide Conference in April 2012

These were a few kind words from the client, Allen Nance at the end of the project, "Team: I always ask one simple question: "would you refer a friend or associate to X company". The answer in this case is yes 100%. You guys have been a great partner, and we look forward to continuing that work".

We wish Bmbleb good luck for their future endeavors and thank them for choosing us as their design partners :)