KeepMyXray: Vinfotech designed and developed medical imaging solution is now LIVE

Medical Imaging is one of Vinfotech's core strength in Healthcare IT and we truly believe that healthcare industry has a big demand for solutions that require complex image data management. Today, healthcare professionals need IT solutions to ease the handling of patient's health. When we talk about the patient data such as radiology images, X-Ray etc how great it would be to create an environment which supports advanced image analysis in a secured manner. Several months back, Vinfotech was awarded to design a website that supports image storage and its view on a secured platform. We are delighted to see, a medical imaging solution going live for our customers with an incentive of prolonged customer association.

It provides a robust interface user interface and consists of an upload utility with an integrated DCM4CHEE based PACS-DICOM viewer that allows images to be stored at one place and access it anywhere. We customized the upload process for DICOM files with an ability for users to use a CD/Disc or computer to upload the DICOM files through customized jumploader. Take a tour to know more about its features that we have designed.


  • New login creation
  • Sign-up & user login
  • Upload radiology studies with album title
  • Tool bar to demonstrate the percentage completed

Medical Imaging Solution

  • View, share, edit, download or delete albums
  • DICOM viewer to show the uploaded pictures
  • Share an album
  • View shared albums using "Shared with me" tab

Medical Imaging Solutions

We thoroughly enjoyed working on digital imaging and communications in medicine. There is a welcome shift in healthcare which is aimed towards more digital approach and we can help you to stay on top of those trends. If you are a healthcare provider and are in need of changing complete healthcare experience, get in touch with our experts.

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