A month full of Customer visits and Excellent discussions

The past month has been full of customer visits at Vinfotech and we loved meeting them and interacting with them in our offices. We are based in INDORE, the commercial center of the state of Madhya Pradesh (Central India). It's the biggest city in Central India with a modern outlook and extremely talented people. All of us at Vinfotech are true representatives of the city of Indore and we all swear by the local delicacies and the lovely city weather.

The series of visit started with Jack visiting us from the UK at the beginning of September. We have been designing and developing social networking applications for many years now and the work is now recognized among clients globally. We've started working on a great new social network for this customer. It was wonderful of Jack and his partner to come and visit us to see the project progress and overall discuss project plan with the team. Within a few days after this, one of our other teams flew in to Mumbai to catch up with customers from Denmark to discuss their iPad app and the next releases. We've been working with this customer to improve their legacy systems and help them move to a brand new set of enterprise tools which connects their staff and their customers effectively. We were also thrilled to hear that the iPad app we designed almost blew away the competition and while the competition was seriously considering catching up, we are already on to develop the release 2 of the app.

We came back to Indore completely ready to welcome Anna, Elmer and Sid from the US who'd planned to be with us for an entire week to discuss remodeling of their application in .NET. They loved working with us for the past few months and wanted to grow this partnership. What followed was great round of discussions with every team member and ofcourse sumptuous meals :) Now they are back in LA but we heard that they're already missing the food.

Finally we welcomed 3 young and talented guys from South Africa who came to discuss an exciting social network that they want us to develop for them. At the end of the trip they were convinced that we were the right team for them and before they left they signed the agreement with us to begin work on this project. It is a large and an ambitious project and the next 8 months would involve developing their idea, and associated iPad, iPhone and Android Tablet apps. We've been invited to see them in the lovely city of Cape Town. Ofcourse we are not going to miss that opportunity :)

All of us at Vinfotech were kept very busy and special mention must be given to the Admin team who was responsible for taking care of endless rounds of tea and coffee during all this.

Super exciting past few weeks for all of us and the customers loved it even more because we suggested things to them which they didn?t see before. Newer technical challenges, fresh ventures and most importantly delivering exceptionally high quality work which is best in its class -- this is what we are so passionate about and love doing.

All of us are delighted and feel privileged that people from all over the world have been coming to visit us in our modest offices here in Indore. We value the friendship and assure of our best efforts always. Exciting Times Ahead.

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Vinfotech creates world's best social networks for enterprises, customers, interest groups and sports fans. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your social network growth. Our award winning software vSocial™ allows us to build stellar customized communities faster and better. Our customers include Aston Martin, Burberry, Arabian Gulf League and Snapdeal.

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